Code of Practice


IntelliLearn is committed to the principles of access and equity in the delivery of all services to our clients. Regardless of cultural background, gender, sexuality, disability or age, all of our clients, their staff, and students have the right to be treated in a fair and considerate manner, and to be able to participate in a learning environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.

Service Delivery

At IntelliLearn we strive to deliver evolutionary services to the best of our ability, and to operate those services in a manner that shows a maintenance of the appropriate high standards of professional competence, integrity and honesty. In so doing we believe that it is essential to demonstrate that as a company we:

  • employ appropriately trained and skilled staff
  • identify and resolve in the most appropriate manner any employee and/or company conflict of interest
  • are committed to ethical and professional behaviour at all times
  • provide services in a conscientious, efficient and courteous manner
  • maintain flexibility in service delivery for the benefit of our clients, and
  • are compliant with all relevant Australian legislation including privacy, fair trading, consumer law and anti-discrimination provisions

Quality Control

IntelliLearn seeks feedback from clients about their satisfaction with its services with the object of continuously improving those services in accordance with clients’ expectations.

Industry Engagement

Our training and assessment strategies are developed in consultation with educators and professional colleagues in the clinical health sector to ensure that they are relevant to industry needs, and that our staff knowledge and skills reflect current industry practice.


If you believe that IntelliLearn is not complying with this code of practice with regard to any complaint, grievance and/or conflict of interest, or should you have a complaint or grievance please contact IntelliLearn. We will deal fairly and constructively with your concerns and complaints about our services.